avocado power smoothie

secret ingredient: dog hair

“Greens?! In a smoothie?!” Ummmm yea! Queue Conner’s new addiction and claiming it was his idea in three months. I’ll be back to report.

So this really is your POWER smoothie. You’ve got the antioxidants, the omegas, the fiber, the magnesium, the energy boost – it’s brain food times 10. And a lot of these ingredients are common things you’d find in your fridge anyways.

It’s obvious that greens are good for the body but most of us don’t get nearly enough of them. Besides being powerhouses of vitamins and minerals that help your body absorb protein (hellooo fellow vegetarians), they’ll also help you out with that skincare regimen you’re on and feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. I won’t usually turn down a salad, but I definitely wouldn’t protest getting my greens this way instead.

avocado blueberry smoothie
A few simple ingredients:
avocado blueberry smoothie

– banana

– avocado

– your choice of milk (we use soy)

– handful of leafy greens and purples

– frozen blueberries


– chia seeds (power-packed superfood)

– hemp hearts (another superfood)

To save your blender, put your liquids in last if it’s a NutriBullet, NinjaBullet, etc., and put them in first if you use a traditional one. Just helps the blades last longer.

Because you have a lot of ingredients taking up space and not necessarily flavor, make sure to save room for extra blueberries. Purple equals tasty.

I always like to add a frozen ingredient to the mix because it adds a bit of frothiness. If you’re not getting the consistency that you want, just keep adding some water as you go.

And that’s about it! Top off with some berries if you care to. Not going to bore you by talking about how this smoothie changed my life and made me a better person and geawjklrb – you came here for the recipe. I refer to this one as the catfish smoothie because you can hardly taste the greens in it. If you can, you’re definitely looking for them. Let me know if you try this out for yourself! I want to hear some of your other favorites.

We have become a smoothie household over here so I’ll have more ~blends~ coming your way soon. In the meantime, enjoy this one and reap the health benefits! Go ahead and brag about it.

avocado blueberry smoothie dog

Yes, Cali got a couple berries.

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