santorini: chapter 2

The following is a revised copy of a journal that I kept on our honeymoon 10.1.2019-10.16.2019

october 4. 2019

Tomorrow is our last full day in Santorini. I’m sad about it. These days have felt so long but have simultaneously flown by so I’m trying to pause and soak up everything I can about this place. It seems like every morning we are wondering what to fill our days with but by the time we figure it out, the sun is already setting. Gah. This place is stunningly gorgeous. Let me reflect…

After my first entry I quickly got lost in sleep and passed out till noon. Room service woke us up by breaking into our apartment. We took that as our wake up call lol. I blame it on the jet lag!

santorini greece car rental travel honeymoon winery tour

Around 2 we finally ventured out to go rent a car. We set our hearts out for the convertible mini cooper the night before, but all their mini coopers were gone. So we went with the Mazda RX5 instead – King of the 90’s, or so Conner says. We found some Greek tracks in the glovebox and blasted them as we drove away from our little Oia bubble and adventured into what existed on the rest of the island. 

First was Akrotiri at the very bottom, which boasts an impressive ancient ruin site. I felt desperate to understand some of the history behind this place but left feeling a little more clueless that I’d care to admit. We should’ve just joined a tour because although the site was incredible to take in, the best understanding I could get was from Conner’s offer that “this was where the first rave ever took place”. 

We later found a cool spot for wine tasting on the beach where we tried four white wines. I didn’t mind the first three (Conner and I are red wine folks) but the last – the dessert wine – was gross. I think I’d get kicked off this island if I said that out loud. 8 euros per person. 

Kamari beach…ahhh it has stolen my heart. In my humble opinion, it’s what Pacific Beach is to San Diego. It’s far enough away from the big touristy areas and where more of the locals seem to reside. There’s a tiny school yard right in the middle of town and this cute pedestrian street that runs parallel to the beach. Restaurants on either side, day beds to go with them. Gelato stands, fruit everywhere. Cats everywhere. It’s definitely still a little touristy but way less packed and way more laid back. We tried to sneak on a day bed and were welcomed to the beach by a huge, gorgeous white dog. WAIT – I forgot to tell you:

Loaf of bread

Two carrots

Water (tall)


Total: 3 euros


kamari beach santorini greece travel honeymoon

The look on our faces – I mean we were trying to remain calm and avoid looking like we were getting away with theft. I simultaneously felt like we won the lottery and also wasted all our money up until that point.



Not mad.

It was cold on the beach so we just took some time to decompress and snack for a bit. There were men fishing right off the beach (impressive) while we sat and played with rocks. Each one was so different and I had never been more interested in geology than I was in those very moments. How did they all end up on the same beach?!

oia santorini sunrise airbnb

The night ended with lots of wine and YouTube in our hot tub. Once our first bottle ran out, Conner volunteered to head out and grab us another, only to come back and surprise me with Pringles and chocolate too. Best. Husband. Ever.

This new wine was gross too – which I really hate to say because I’ve tried a variety of wines on this trip so far and have surprised myself with how many I’ve liked. I didn’t think I was a wine gal! But this wine was so bad we were committed to taking shots of it to get it down…so. Just imagine that I guess. And the hangover. I learned that I may not have liked it because it was soaked in Oak barrels vs…..the traditional? Barrels? Wine lovers reading this are hating me right now.

Our party was later crashed by a new cat, Garfunkle, who we thought would make the perfect duo to Simon, who we met in Kamari Beach. Oh Simon.

Garfunkle wandered right into our private little alcove and loves sour cream Pringles. Safe to say no street food will taste the same to him ever again.

It was a pretty perfect day – the worst part was hiccuping myself into (drunken) sleep. 

oh hey beautiful. thanks for reading my blog post! how was it? to get in contact find me on IG: katerosehayes or shoot me a message I’d love to be in touch!

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