the best brussels sprouts

(my official recipe)

sauté in olive oil until turning dark brown on edge 

when pan dries up a little, add a glob of olive butter

let cook

add salt and pepper, lemon juice (more than you’d think, like a good amount, and then generously all over the pan again)

realize you forgot the garlic and mince quickly, throw in pan (on medium to high heat)

hurriedly open a bottle of white wine and pour 1/2 cup in

continue cooking until golden brown, and wine *stains* the sprouts, stirring every once in awhile but let’s be honest you’re cooking three other things so they could sit


i want to be known for these brussels sprouts 

“accident sprouts”

oh hey beautiful. thanks for reading my blog post! how was it? to get in contact find me on IG: katerosehayes or shoot me a message I’d love to be in touch!

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