a work of art

She walked with the grace

of her mother

Spoke purposefully with the conviction

of her father

But when she looked in the mirror

A million shattered fragments of her life

all speckled with color

and uncertainty

Stuck and glued together imperfectly,

Resembled the shape of a girl

waiting to be recognized

by herself.

She was clay

a work of art

Shape-shifting until life felt like hers

All she had to do,

Was embrace the steady permanence

of uncertainty

find comfort and forgiveness in it,

Listen to the colors.

The world cannot be bright

without darkness to define it.

Light blue without navy

is just blue.

She is an evolving masterpiece

The world waits with impatience

for her unveiling

Crowds will gather

Whispers of her beauty

will float in the air.

They have never seen anything

like her

A celebration will commence,

but it will be a party of one.

Once the cracks have been filled

where they’ve been too long neglected

And her vision softens

as her heart turns inwards

It will come.

Maybe she just needs new brushes.

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