waking up with lemons

I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without hot lemon water. Like what the heck. It’s sooo good. I didn’t know all the health benefits that came along with us until just recently – the list is extensive but here are some of my favorites –

– helps regulate digestive health

– rich source of vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, calcium

– cleanses the liver

– anti-inflammatory

– promotes clear skin

– boosts metabolism

After doing some light research, I’ve been regularly making myself a cup or two first thing in the morning, before I’ve eaten anything. That way, their magic goes straight to my gut and I get a nice cleanse. I’ll have a few other glass throughout the day too but the morning is the most important for me. It’s not that I’ve noticed a huge difference since drinking this on the regular, but it’s changed my other daily habits – I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day as I usually do (I’m a heavy enthusiast of boredom snacking) and I feel more productive in general. Maybe that’s all in my head but I’m sure the hydration boost is part of that.

Previous to this discovery, I was awful at drinking enough water.

Peeing so often is annoying and, honestly? Sometimes I’m just too lazy to get myself up in the middle of the day to get a glass. Throwing a couple slices of lemon in there has changed everything – I look forward to making it now and sip it down faster than a glass without them, hence, drinking more water throughout my day.

Tip: Cut your lemon into thin slices perpendicular to the length of the lemon…if that makes sense. It’s less wasteful than cutting wedges and you get more infusion that way. Plus it looks prettier.

That’s it. It’s something so simple and common and incredibly essential in my life now, so I wanted to share it. Still kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

oh hey beautiful. thanks for reading my blog post! how was it? to get in contact find me on IG: katerosehayes or shoot me a message katerosehayes@gmail.com. I’d love to be in touch!

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