coming soon: website relaunch!

Phew. No one tells you how difficult it is to build your own website. Especially when you’re a stubborn do-it-yourself control freak like me. I know very little about the behind the scenes of web design, and until recently didn’t even know the importance of having a website host. Don’t come for me if I’m still getting these terms wrong. Long story short, I’m building a new blog. The limitations of (which is very different from I’ve come to find out) exhausted me. Its resources are uninspiring, and with it, my passion for my blog kind of went out. BUT I’m working on some exciting things, all this website needs is a little makeover. I have a logo, and a theme, and a whole new formula. This new tech allows me to have better control over mobile displays too, which I’m really looking forward to. And instead of limiting myself to three categories, I’ll soon have food, beauty, travel, home, and more to put up.

And you know what I couldn’t do any of this without?

Blue light glasses.

Guys, seriously. Hop on the train, get on board. These things actually work, and better yet: they are life changing. I got mine from DIFF eyewear, a charitable brand that donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased. TOMS does something similar with their eyewear (even going so far to provide surgery to correct vision) but unfortunately they don’t have a blue light line quite yet. I’m remaining hopeful.

Anyways, that’s where I’ll be. Still working away, just hidden away from you for a bit. Good things coming!

oh hey beautiful. thanks for reading my blog post! how was it? to get in contact find me on IG: katerosehayes or shoot me a message I’d love to be in touch!

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