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sustainability in the home

Can I just say – I’m having the best time putting this series together. I feel like I’m becoming a better human through it, like there’s a fire in belly and now I’m going balls to the f–king walls redoing my life. It’s a new passion, what can I say.

sustainability at the store

The grocery store is a hot-spot for waste. Plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic everywhere. It’s hard to avoid when shopping the shelves finding food for your kitchen. But! There are a few simple, cost-effective ways you can plan ahead to make your trip to the store as waste-less as possible.


After we meandered through the Garden of Tuileries, very tired and very content, we walked along the Seine – dreaming of living in a house boat and raising our fictional children, Pierre and Marie.

italy: chapter 3

There was a pizza bouncer. Sunshine. Lots of people sipping their beers while waiting to be called in. The occasional scooter or tiny-car honked its way through the crowd. Very cool, very suave.

italy: chapter 2

After my last entry, we beach bummed our bums off. My legs actually got some color! Conservatively. An Italian tan at its bare minimum. I got to live out my dream and eat lemon sorbet…out of a lemon. Would have bought 10 more. 5 for now, 5 for the road. Conner, being the voice of reason, said no.

my skincare ritual (and other thoughts)

Skin works the best when it’s hydrated. Healthy turnover happens. The skin heals, it regenerates, and it breathes. All the products you’re investing in are suddenly more effective. It’s kind of like the offensive line in football – it’s necessary so that your star players (serums, masks, cleansers) can shine through and make big plays.

italy: chapter 1

A short creative excerpt: I gave into the current and just let myself float. The waves wanted to pull me in, and I let them, closing my eyes and dragging my hands through the broken earth below. The sound shimmied through my body and danced in my ears. It felt like millions of small champagne bubbles bursting under my soft touch and each would send a ripple all throughout my body, exiting through my breath. Like I was the instrument and it was the music.

santorini: chapter 3

Imagine your favorite Bob Ross painting and then put this scene above it. They say that the Lost City of Atlantis existed here – and I believe it. It won’t truly make sense until you’ve seen this view in person. Truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. Besides Conner’s blue eyes. They looked especially beautiful today.

santorini: chapter 2

We should’ve just joined a tour because although the site was incredible to take in, the best understanding I could get was from Conner’s offer that “this was where the first rave ever took place”.

wedding gallery

Some of my favorite moments from our most perfect wedding day Beautiful story-telling by Jennifer McKenna Photography Sept. 28. 2019

santorini: chapter 1

We sat through the most beautiful golden hour I’ve ever witnessed, and shared our meal (just a little) with a friendly cat. He f–king loved my cuddles. But alas, they could not fill his belly so he eventually moved on. Golden hour, Santorini, freshly squeezed orange juice, a yogurt-fruit parfait, my new husband, and a cat who loved me?! That was a real moment.

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