what i’m eating

waking up with lemons

I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without hot lemon water. Like what the heck. It’s sooo good. I didn’t know all the health benefits that came along with us until just recently – the list is extensive but here are some of my favorites –

ridiculously delicious and easy-to-make smoothies

I’ve compiled six of my recent go-to smoothies: Strawberry Apple Spinach, Peanut Butter Berry, Mango Banana Carrot, Cinnamon Maple Oat, Cherry Strawberry Banana, and Honey Mango Spinach. Yes – there are TWO green smoothies on this list. Both are delicious.

the best brussels sprouts

realize you forgot the garlic and mince quickly, throw in pan (on medium to high heat)
hurriedly open a bottle of white wine and pour 1/2 cup in
continue cooking until golden brown, and wine *stains* the sprouts, stirring every once in awhile but let’s be honest you’re cooking three other things so they could sit

sweet potato brunch tacos

This recipe’s effort-to-taste ratio is stellar. I consider myself intermediate in the kitchen? Like I could go on the cooking version of Nailed It and do a pretty decent job. But Gordon Ramsay might be disgusted with me. I’m easing myself into more complex meals but never tire of the simpler ones. So this checks all the boxes.

avocado power smoothie

So this really is your POWER smoothie. You’ve got the antioxidants, the omegas, the fiber, the magnesium, the energy boost – it’s brain food times 10. And a lot of these ingredients are common things you’d find in your fridge anyways.

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