what i’m thinking

back in the office – an explanation

I think the vast majority of us just feel confused. How do we go about our lives and pretend to have a sense of normalcy? How do we take a day off and care for ourselves? Is that selfish?

a work of art

The world cannot be bright

without darkness to define it.

Light blue without navy

is just blue.

a night in

*spacing out in conversation* she finished his sentence. “-wait a second. i just literally finished your sentence.” | milestone |

a lost passion

The other day I decided to do my hair, take two shots, have a dance party of one, and take some photos. I pulled everything out of the corner, swept it clean, blasted some Rolling Stones, and asked Conner to be my hype man for a bit. A lot of these photos I actually tookContinue reading “a lost passion”

feelings (p.1)

Imagine that. If we just reached out, just for the purpose of telling another woman that they’re great at what they’re doing. Or that we admire their courage. Just because. Imagine how far that could go. I don’t think we’d be as scared to pursue so many things in life.

why i started a blog

Because that’s the truth. It’s all a journey and portraying a life of “ups” just feels phony to me. If not to anyone else, to myself.

let’s make it official

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