coming soon: website relaunch!

Phew. No one tells you how difficult it is to build your own website. Especially when you’re a stubborn do-it-yourself control freak like me. I know very little about the behind the scenes of web design, and until recently didn’t even know the importance of having a website host. Don’t come for me if I’mContinue reading “coming soon: website relaunch!”

easy, cheesy broccoli pasta

Easy. The key word. By that I mean, you pretty much stick everything in a pot of boiling water and you’re done. With a few seasoning steps sprinkled in, this recipe has become a staple in our household because of its convenience, comfort, and fresh ingredients. Takes 20 minutes tops. Here are your ingredients –Continue reading “easy, cheesy broccoli pasta”

sustainability in the home

Can I just say – I’m having the best time putting this series together. I feel like I’m becoming a better human through it, like there’s a fire in belly and now I’m going balls to the f–king walls redoing my life. It’s a new passion, what can I say.

sustainability at the store

The grocery store is a hot-spot for waste. Plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic everywhere. It’s hard to avoid when shopping the shelves finding food for your kitchen. But! There are a few simple, cost-effective ways you can plan ahead to make your trip to the store as waste-less as possible.

introduction: a sustainable lifestyle

Living in Vermont, I think a lot of us tend to naturally lead more sustainable and healthy lifestyles. If it was possible, it’d be in our blood. I remember farmers markets when I was young and lessons on how to reduce our family’s waste. We didn’t do everything perfectly of course, and I think it’sContinue reading “introduction: a sustainable lifestyle”

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