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Lemon Water

I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without hot lemon water. Like what the heck. It’s sooo good. I didn’t know all the health benefits that came along with us until just recently – the list is extensive but here are some of my favorites –

– helps regulate digestive health

– rich source of vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, calcium

– cleanses the liver

– anti-inflammatory

– promotes clear skin

– boosts metabolism

After doing some light research, I’ve been regularly making myself a cup or two first thing in the morning, before I’ve eaten anything. That way, their magic goes straight to my gut and I get a nice cleanse. I’ll have a few other glass throughout the day too but the morning is the most important for me. It’s not that I’ve noticed a huge difference since drinking this on the regular, but it’s changed my other daily habits – I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day as I usually do (I’m a heavy enthusiast of boredom snacking) and I feel more productive in general. Maybe that’s all in my head but I’m sure the hydration boost is part of that.

Previous to this discovery, I was awful at drinking enough water.

Peeing so often is annoying and, honestly? Sometimes I’m just too lazy to get myself up in the middle of the day to get a glass. Throwing a couple slices of lemon in there has changed everything – I look forward to making it now and sip it down faster than a glass without them, hence, drinking more water throughout my day.

Tip: Cut your lemon into thin slices perpendicular to the length of the lemon…if that makes sense. It’s less wasteful than cutting wedges and you get more infusion that way. Plus it looks prettier.

That’s it. It’s something so simple and common and incredibly essential in my life now, so I wanted to share it. Still kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

Outer Banks on Netflix

I have to start this by saying it takes about seven people to tell me to watch a show before I actually take their recommendation and watch it. I’m a free bird. But that’s what happened with this show and then I binged it all in three days. It’s SO good. Do I have a mini crush on John B? Yup. And I just about lost it on the last episode. I have so many questions. Season 2 definitely won’t be coming out for awhile (it’s being written during this quarantine) but do yourselves a favor and freakin watch this. Such a great storyline that challenges class & family dynamics in the midst of a sh-t storm of suspense and murder. And the cinematography is unbelievably stunning. It’s a beautiful masterpiece.

TOMS Natural Deodorant

Recently someone brought up the moral conflicts of finding a deodorant they felt comfortable using. I was dumbfounded. I had spent so many years concerned with who I bought my skincare from, but honestly never thought twice about my daily, toxin-filled, tested-on-animals deodorant. So a few months ago I found one that’s natural and cruelty-free. Embarrassing confession: in the past, I’ve had to use clinical strength deodorant because ya girl has large sweat glands. Natural deodorants are notorious for not covering up odor very well or for very long so I was anxious about whether I’d find one that really worked. So far Conner hasn’t told me I smell yet. And I’ve been getting into it with these home work outs. It passes the test. And the best part? I can find it at my normal grocery store. So convenient.


I think it’s relieving to make light of social distancing and make jokes at times because how else are we supposed to get through this world wide crisis? Laughter brings people together and that’s important right now. Jokes don’t harm anyone. What hurts is to see people making fun of it by purposefully going out and saying “f–k social distancing”.

People all around the world are getting laid off because of shutdowns and closures. Losing their livelihoods. People in our communities are left vulnerable to the virus and without the luxury of staying in quarantine. The sooner everyone bands together means the sooner we get out of this mess. It means fewer people faced with being unable to pay their bills or their rent or their loans. Fewer people at risk of losing their homes.

This is some weird sh-t. We’ve never seen anything like this. So many conflicting messages and info out there. It sucks. But let’s take it as an opportunity to come together regardless of politics, income, or background and agree on one thing:

1.) Let’s get it over with!!

Stock up (only what you need). Stay home. Let’s all get on the same page and through this together.


Shakey Graves.

In particular the recording from Audiotree Live. Look it up. The video, specifically.

I linked it here for you.

Favorites: Built to Roam, Roll the Bones, Tomorrow, A World So Full of Love (on Americana album)

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