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Dog owners:

Get yourselves some antlers

For allll the chewers out there. When we first got Cali, we honestly really struggled finding a toy that she couldn’t chew through or find a way to eat. But she needs to chew so we needed to find a solution and safety was our first priority. 

For a while we were buying bones with some yummy stuff on the outside that she could work through in just one night. Then she’d be left with a bare bone to gnaw on whenever. The bones themselves last forever, we have a good collection taking up about half her toy basket, but she loses interest as they lose flavor, and I’m sure they’re not the best thing for her teeth all the time. AND their price ($5 each) adds up for only a short payoff of one (1) night.

An employee of our local pet store recommended trying antlers awhile back, she sweared by them, but the $25 price tag scared me off. $25? Really? For a dog’s chew toy? But one day I caved. And I’m slapping myself for not doing it sooner.

There are no drawbacks. I’m not an antler expert, but there’s something about them that keeps Cali consistently interested and going back to them. The inside of the antler takes longer to chew through and it doesn’t break off in shards like the normal bones did. She loves these and I’m so happy we found something to keep her busy and her teeth & gums healthy. We’ve had two for several months now and they’ve still got lots of life left to them. 5 stars all around. Worth every penny.

Off the Vine Podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Gosh I’ve been listening to this for years now. Whether you’re a fan of the Bachelor franchise or not, you’re going to love how witty, smart, and hilarious this woman is. She has a variety of guests on the show and talks all things self-love, health, business, personal-development and more, with a side of comic relief. Listeners get two episodes a week (Tues & Thurs) which I’ve found spread easily throughout a week. It’s free and available everywhere.

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