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easy, cheesy broccoli pasta

Easy. The key word. By that I mean, you pretty much stick everything in a pot of boiling water and you’re done. With a few seasoning steps sprinkled in, this recipe has become a staple in our household because of its convenience, comfort, and fresh ingredients. Takes 20 minutes tops. Here are your ingredients –Continue reading “easy, cheesy broccoli pasta”

L A T E S T – O B S E S S I O N

Outer Banks on Netflix

I have to start this by saying it takes about seven people to tell me to watch a show before I actually take their recommendation and watch it. I’m a free bird. But that’s what happened with this show and then I binged it all in three days. It’s SO good. Do I have a mini crush on John B? Yup. And I just about lost it on the last episode. I have so many questions. Season 2 definitely won’t be coming out for awhile (it’s being written during this quarantine) but do yourselves a favor and freakin watch this. Such a great storyline that challenges class & family dynamics in the midst of a sh-t storm of suspense and murder. And the cinematography is unbelievably stunning. It’s a beautiful masterpiece.


T R I E D – A N D – T R U E ‘ S

dog antler chew

Dog owners:

Get yourselves some antlers

For allll the chewers out there. When we first got Cali, we honestly really struggled finding a toy that she couldn’t chew through or find a way to eat. But she needs to chew so we needed to find a solution and safety was our first priority. 

For a while we were buying bones with some yummy stuff on the outside that she could work through in just one night. Then she’d be left with a bare bone to gnaw on whenever. The bones themselves last forever, we have a good collection taking up about half her toy basket, but she loses interest as they lose flavor, and I’m sure they’re not the best thing for her teeth all the time. AND their price ($5 each) adds up for only a short payoff of one (1) night.

dog antler chew

An employee of our local pet store recommended trying antlers awhile back, she sweared by them, but the $25 price tag scared me off. $25? Really? For a dog’s chew toy? But one day I caved. And I’m slapping myself for not doing it sooner.

There are no drawbacks. I’m not an antler expert, but there’s something about them that keeps Cali consistently interested and going back to them. The inside of the antler takes longer to chew through and it doesn’t break off in shards like the normal bones did. She loves these and I’m so happy we found something to keep her busy and her teeth & gums healthy. We’ve had two for several months now and they’ve still got lots of life left to them. 5 stars all around. Worth every penny.

banana strawberry spinach smoothie

what i’m eating

Not claiming to be a chef – not even close. However I cook a mean mac n cheese and lots of tasty plant-based snacks.

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Lots of thoughts. Life hacks. Mindfullness essays. Opinions on how many chocolate bars are acceptable to buy in a week. They’ll be here.

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what i’m doing

I just got back from an amazing honeymoon and have a lot going on. These are the fun parts of it.

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